Imagine if you could:

  • Enjoy fresh, convenient, and healthy food every day?
  • Match your nutritional needs with your environmental convictions?
  • Have a small farm with a high yield and no soil or mess?
  • And what if it was easy, fast, and fun?

“We are so fortunate to offer whole plant nutrition that meets the highest standard of personal and environmental health.”

Sprouts are literally the opposite of empty calories with rich nutritional features and only a fraction of the calories of other foods. Review the health benefits of the sprouts and enjoy the diversity of flavor and texture added to your meals. Recipes at the bottom of the page.

Mung Sprouts
The copper in mung sprouts support Neurological functions and fights ADD.
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Wheat Sprouts
We use wheat sprouts to make revivelac. The kids put them on yogurt and ice cream. Delicious.
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Lentil Sprouts
Sprouting neutralizes physic acid making the iron and protein Bio-available. More drive and energy anyone?
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Garbonzo Sprouts
Get enough choline. It improves your memory, learning, muscle control, mood, and brain function.
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Adzuki Sprouts
Bioflavonoids are natures most powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents. Adzuki sprouts deliver them.
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With vitamins A, C, B, and K they are easily the crunchiest and tastiest way to multi-vitamin.
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Radish Sprouts
Eat some half an hour before you train to help convert fat to fuel. Carnitine rich foods are the best foods.
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Alfalfa Sprouts
At 8 calories and 0.1 effective carbohydrates per cup they work with any diet, even Keto. High in Iron too!
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Broccoli Sprouts
Sulforaphane is some amazing stuff.
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The most effective way to match your nutritional and environmental convictions with your eating habits.


An old fashion recipe Blog along with meal prep food tips in our new Vlog. Imagine food as your primary provider of enjoyment, physical health, mental wellness and responsible global citizenship. We show you how to change you life in 2 min per day! 

Why add in home sprouting to your environmentalism toolkit?

Why add in home sprouting to your environmentalism toolkit?

If you’re reading this you already know there will be hell to pay if we don’t straighten out this climate issue. Some people say climate change is caused from human reckless over-consumption. Some people say its just a natural planetary happening. The truth is even if...

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Organic sprout box provides health, flavor, and convenience.