We all know about all the climate change issues we face as a society and I have an idea…

Sprout at home and make a real difference:

Climate change.

If we got a portion of our protein from sprouts it could reduce the amount of meat we eat. Here is why that’s important. Factory farm animals burp a lot because of the unnatural diet they have. The methane from the burps are 20x worse the CO2 when it comes to climate change but the real damage is the nitrous oxide in the waste. It’s 300x worse for climate change than CO2. The deforestation from animal flesh farming is well known and undisputed. Can you make a difference? You sure can by sprouting your food!

Reduce Pesticides and other outdated chemicals

The regulations in the United States has allowed us to use 25% or so of the worlds reported pesticides. That makes our share about 120,000,000 gallons. You can help reduce it by eating organic sprouts year round and sharing your exploration of sprouts whenever environmentalism is discussed. The people before us left us an America where chemical pesticides are the norm. We can do better and point of consumption organic farming helps transform America to a place where healthy organic eating is the norm.

Conserve Water and top soil.

With the government approved policies of factory farming we have managed to lose 50% of the top soil in Iowa and the rest of the world has done even worse over the last 150 years or so. We have to do a better job conserving topsoil. All of us can do our part by getting some of our nutritional needs met with sprouts. Best part??? No dirt and no mess:)

Decrease Packaging and refrigeration

Did you know 16,000,000,000 (that’s billion) pounds of plastic are dumped in the ocean every year? We have to do a better job and by including point of consumption fresh organic sprouts we use a lot less packaging and refrigeration. Lets sprout and reduce waste, conserve resources, conserve energy, reduce GHG (green house gas) emissions, and decrease pollution. Do your part to help deliciously, eat sprouts.