Lentil sprouts add fiber and protein and most of all…. FLAVOR!

This is another family favorite. Easy on the curry and the kids gobble it up.


1 cup plant based crumbles/ground beef

1 cup sprouted lentils

1/2 cup tomatoes fresh or canned or even spaghetti sauce

1 tablespoon curry powder

Two handfuls of baby spinach, kale or whatever floats your boat.

 Topped with alfalfa, clover broccoli or radish sprouts




1. Fry up with just a couple drops of oil or some water the protein and the lentils about four min. 

If your using meat you’ll know when its done. 

2. Add curry powder and tomato (sauce) and heat till warm.

3. Add greens and heat till wilted. 

4. Salt and pepper to taste

Serve with sprouts!!!!