Ready to Sprout?


This sprout farm comes with 3 growing jars, 3 lids, 3 jar stands, tray, measuring spoon, and branded towel. Combined with our organic sprouting seeds to makes sprouting easy, clean and convenient.

Cost: $99.00


An asian cuisine inspired mix of adzuki (1.5 cups), mung (1.5 cups) and Alfalfa (2 cups) sprouts to wow your plate every 5 days. The adzuki sprouts provide the protein and the traditional mung sprouts give texture. Topped with a healthy handful of raw alfalfa sprouts you will amaze your self with the look and taste of this amazing sprout combination.




Garbanzo (1 cup every 3 days), lentil (1 cup every 3 days), mung (1.5 cups) and alfalfa (2 cups). Like to snack? We all do… Why not do it healthy? Garbanzo every 6 days for hummus snack plates and Lentils every 6 days either raw, steamed, boiled, baked or pan fried. Simple par boiled mung sprout salad and alfalfa sprouts galore every 5 days to snack whether on a hike, camping or just playing a game.


WHAT?!?! Another salad??? You bet!! These leafy green sprouts have almost no calories and can’t be beat for bio available nutrients. Enjoy well over a cup of sprouts per day and enjoy the freshness that only home grown organic sprouts can give. A flavor treat with Alfalfa, clover, radish and broccoli. (2 cups per variety every 5 days) So versatile so green so fresh . Try it today.


The portions are designed to significantly increase super foods in your diet complete with amazing and easy recipes.

3 jar earth nourishing Organic Sprout Farm $129.00

Includes everything you need for a three crop rotation farm.

Your first months supply of organic seeds and easy step by step instructions. The kit includes three glass sprouting jars, six screens & lids, three stands, water trough (to keep your counters dry) and a cloth covering to keep them dark

 Monthly seed refills $29.00 per month or $78.30 every three months (save 10%) or $139.20 twice per year (Best Value!)

Organic seed assortments come every month.


This kit is for the experienced sprouter. Double the yield of the beginning sprouter kit. You provide three one quart wide mouth mason jars and we send the lids, stands, drip dish, towel, measuring spoon and enough seeds to last the month. If you need to loose weight, lower your cholesterol or stabilize your blood sugar this is the program to help you.

Kit with 1st month of seeds $99.

Seed refills 39.00 per month


Have your own kit? Need spout seeds delivered to your door monthly? Well, this is the option for you. This subscription box will get you started and keep you going with a variety of fresh sprouts every month.