Most people who sprout their own food do it for personal health. The amazing health benefits are well documented. Think they are just for hippies? Think again. The nutritional components of sprouting helps elite athletes, people just starting a health journey and everyone in between.  Here are some well recognized benefits of what are as close to the opposite of empty calories as you can get.


Sprouts contain both high levels of soluble and insoluble fiber. Besides the obvious benefits of a high fiber diet you get as side bonuses lower cholesterol, greater blood sugar control, and healthy weight management.


The calorie to protein ratio of sprouts helps keep muscle up and fat down. But did you know your hair and nails are also made up entirely of protein? People who sprout know sprouted garbanzos and lentils pack a complete protein punch and they have the healthy look to prove it.


Far too many people don’t get enough iron. Which is a shame because it is an essential mineral. Iron is used to transport oxygen from the lungs to your body and even a small deficiency can affect energy levels, brain function and the ability to fight off infections. A steady intake of sprouts equals a steady supply of Iron.

Vitamin A

The vitamin A content of sprouts increases up to ten fold when the seeds germinate. Vitamin A Helps with white blood cell production and can help protect against infections, Covid, Flu, Colds and any other viral illness. This crazy season we are living through makes Vitamin A more important than ever.

An unintended benefit of organic seed sprouting is eating the most environmentally friendly food there is.

This is true in every metric we have to measure. We need to do a better job with our choices and can see some of the effects of our toxic relationship with nature in the form of a longer growing season (no frost) on the American plus side and on the minus side we have climate driven immigration, wildfires, droughts, heatwaves, hurricanes, and rising tides. All of those things might be happening anyway but there is no doubt that our behavior has super sized the effects. If food was a country its carbon footprint would be 3rd, just behind China and America.


Sprouting gives you the biggest bang for your buck for every unit of water used. Many people water their indoor plants with the soak water and give the rinse water to their housemate animal buddies. Cats seem to love it.

Less packaging and food waste

The amount of packaging used at supermarkets is really quite excessive. People who sprout at home use way less of it. In addition there is very little food waste since your eating the whole plant.

Less transportation

Point of consumption farming is the best way to reduce food spoilage because it goes from your home to your plate. Sprouts are the best way for year round freshness. No refrigeration, no transportation just you and fresh clean food.


There are too many chemicals in and on our food. Some are even banned in other countries. Sprouting with high quality organic seeds is totally pesticide free.

Less top soil used

Healthy top soil is so important to mitigate the effects of nutrient degradation, compaction, unstable soil structure, and soil salinity. Sprouting is the most soil friendly land based food.


Although many changes must be made on a national and world policy level that doesn’t divest us from our responsibility to live an environmentally friendly life. While we wait for governments and industry to get with the program you can sprout and be a climate warrior and nobody has to know.

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